The old name for Pahang was Inderapura, called Pahang Inderapura. PEKAN, it’s Royal Town is famous until now and was the capital of Pahang. Before Pahang was conqured by the Malay Malacca Sultanate, the Hindus (who spoke Sanskrit) called the capital of Pahang as Pura. At that time, even the Malays called it Pura (this is mentioned in the book Hikayat Sejarah Melayu 1977: item73). However, the Malays inhabiting the areas by the rivers Endau, Rompin, and Bebar called it Pekan Pahang. At that time, Pekan the Royal Town comprised of the districts located on the left and right of Sungai Pahang and Sungai Pahang Tua until upriver to Tanjung Langgar. The town of Pekan was divided into Pekan Baharu & Pekan Lama (New Pekan & Old Pekan). The Royals and dignitaries resided in Pekan Lama.

Pekan Baharu in the old days was called Kampung Cina,  and later it was changed to Pekan Baharu. (Buyung Adil, 1972 : item 2). Pekan Town is said to have existed seince the 17th Century. However, there is no mention of the exact date this town was founded but Western, Arab and Chinese scholars had mentioned and wrote about Pekan

According to the legend, Pekan got it’s name from a flower called Bunga Pekan which grew in abundance along the Pahang River. The flower is white, like the Jasmine but the species is now extinct and the current generation would not have a chance to see or study this flower. In Pekan Town there is also a river called the Pekan River (near the Mengkasar Village) but there is no evidence that says Pekan got it’s name from this river.