List of Circulars Adopted by Pekan District Council:

  1. MDP's Circulars and all Full meeting's decisions.
  2. Department of Town and Country planning Circulars.
  3. Department of Environment Circulars.
  4. Department of Irrigation and Drainage Circulars.
  5. Treasury Circulars.
  6. Circulars Relevant to Related Services.
  7. Public Administration Development Circulars.
  8. Treasury Circulars and Letters.
  9. Circulars and Service Letters.
  10. National Accountant Circulars.
  11. Public Administration Development Circulars.
  12. Public Service Development Circulars

Department of Public Service Circulars

  1. Service Circular 
  2. Service Circular Letter
  3. Distribution Letter 

Ministry of Finance Circular

  1. Treasury Circular