Pekan Municipal Council performs its functions using the Local Government Act 1976 (ACT 171) and through it the MPP can carry out activities and enforce policies and regulations related to Local Authority affairs. Among the MPP functions are :-

  1. Licensing and monitoring of business, advertisements and petty traders.
  2. Planning and monitoring development including Structure Plan.
  3. Coordinating and assisting in the development of Pekan or other new towns.
  4. Monitoring buildings, advertising and billboards.
  5. Monitoring and managing the beautification and landscaping of the town.
  6. Building and maintaining roads, drinage and managing traffic system.
  7. Providing and organising public facilities including markets, stalls, community halls, sports complexes, children's playgrounds, bus stops and others such as recreational and relaxation facilities.
  8. Overseeing the waste disposal and cleanliness of the town.
  9. Providing the waste disposal and cleanliness of the town.
  10. Upgrading basic facilities, raising the status of villages which progressive and encourage economic activities.