OSC function

The One Stop Center can accept applications as follows: -

  • Simultaneous application of change of boundary and borders, planning permission, building plan, land work plan and road and drainage plans;
  • Simultaneous application of surrender and re-ownership, planning permission, building plan, land work plan and road and drainage plans;
  • Application for change of planning conditions and permissions;
  • Application for changing conditions, planning permission and building plans;
  • Applications for planning permission;
  • Application for building plan;
  • Application of land work plan;
  • Application for road and trench plans;
  • Application and withdrawal of CFO;
  • Submit a staged setup notice in the CCC system;
  • Issuance of CCC system non-compliance reports; and
  • Permit for small construction or minor changes and additions.
  • Manage handling and processing of proposed development applications by application category
  • Coordinate the dissemination of application documents to relevant technical agencies to obtain department reviews
  • Monitor the status of all proposed development applications that have been processed through the OSC portal and ensure that the information is kept up to date.
  • Ensure that all development proposals are processed and managed systematically and effectively and comply with the stipulated period.

Under this initiative, any application is encouraged to submit simultaneously the application for land development, planning permission, building plans and other plans to the MDP Local Secretariat. However, the applicant still has the option to submit a consecutive or separate application to the MDP Local Secretariat. In terms of processing time norms depending on the type of application submitted and not subject to a period of 4 months or 6 months as decided at the Cabinet Meeting on 21 March 2007

OSC Committee

Chairman : Yang Dipertua, Pekan District Council

Secretary : Town Planning Officer

Members : 4 Council Members Directors Department of Town and Country Planning

  • Land Administrator, Pekan District and Land Office

  • Pekan Public Works Department District Engineer

  • Pekan Department of Irrigation and Drainage District Engineer

  • Pekan Department of Water Supply District Engineer

  • Business Manager, Tenga Nasional Berhad

  • Health Officer, Pekan Health District Office

  • Manager, Telekom Malaysia Berhad

  • Officer, Department of Sewerage Services Eastern Branch

  • MDP Engineering/Building Division Head

  • MDP Planning Division Head

  • MDP Health Division Head

  • MDP Landscape Division Head

Organization Chart