Client's Charter of Licensing And Hawkers Division

i.Registration business premises for non-risk businesses will be issued within 1 day after complete application is received

2. Business premises licenses for risky businesses will be issued within 21 working days after complete application is received

3. The risky vendor license will be issued within 21 working days after complete application is received

4.The decision of the temporary business permit application is not risky will be issued 1 day from the date of complete application received.

The objective of the Licensing Division

Make sure the application process and approval of license / permit implemented by laws - laws and regulations and the procedures documented in accordance with a predetermined period in accordance with the requirements of the licensing / dealer

Functions of the Licensing

Issue of Business Premise and Business Advertising Composite License

  • Production of Hawkers License
  • Temporary Permit Issue
  • Entertainment License Issues
  • Providing temporary business sites
  • Managing renewal of licenses and business permits
  • Processing business and business premises license applications
  • Handling of renewal and cancellation application requests
  • Provide Council / business premises licensing guidelines / policies
  • Manage, monitor and control applications and day-pecan activities, night markets, wholesale and so on.
  • Manage application for temporary permit business.
  • Processing a hawker permit application
  • Ensure hawkers and licensors comply with the stipulated conditions.
  • Take action on licensors and vendors who fail to comply with the terms and instructions.