Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit (UAD) was established by the General Circular No. 3 of the Prime Minister of 1998. Accordingly, the Full Council Meeting held. 1/2010 dated March 31, 2010 approved the establishment of the Audit Committee of the Regional Council Pekan.LATAR BACK

The primary function of the Audit Committee in accordance with the functions outlined in the General Circular No. 3 of the Prime Minister in 1998.

UAD is an integral part of the internal control components Pekan District Council and is directly responsible to the President of the MDP.


To provide integrity audit effort to add value and improve operational accountability MDP.


Conduct audits in accordance with international auditing standards for professional, independent and objective and produce quality reports, fair and equitable.


MDP Internal Audit Unit is committed to:

Conduct audits in a professional and quality based on generally accepted auditing standards.
Issuing statements or financial auditing observations within 30 working days after the audit is completed.
Annual Audit Plan submitted to the Audit Committee subsequently approved YDP before 31 January each year.
Submit the annual report to DCF before March 31 of each year.


Assisting senior management achieve its objectives through a systematic and disciplined approach in evaluating the effectiveness of financial controls and governance.
Help management improve financial management accountability and compliance with laws, regulations and procedures.
Helps management to determine and evaluate programs and activities are managed economically, efficiently, effectively and appropriately.


Review the reliability and effectiveness of the financial system and internal control of MDPs.
Evaluate the degree of compliance with all applicable policies, laws, rules and directives.
Evaluating the activities of the Pekan District Council is managed in a prudent, efficient and effective way.
Reviewing the assets and interests of the Pekan District Council is protected in terms of loss, fraud and irregularities.
Provide advice / insights on internal controls.
Report to the Speaker of the audit results and take follow-up action on the issues raised.
Prepare the Annual Plan and Internal Audit Annual Report for approval of the President.
Present Internal Audit Report at Audit Committee Meeting and Financial and Account Management Committee Meeting.
To plan the implementation of the internal audit work.
Perform audits on all payment systems, receipts, procurement, internal controls and property management, inventory and stores.
Carry on observation of officers on the rules, regulations, circulars relevant from time to time.
To update programs, audit duplication and general auditing standards.
Provide auditing programs, audit observation and reports to management.