Department Information

“ To become a prime mover towards increasing the Council’s revenue through imposition of Property Assessment Tax, Contribution Rates and Management of Councils Land ".

Department Background

The Department of Valuation  is one of the main departments in the Pekan District Council (MDP) organisation. The department was established to be the generator of the main revenue of the Council through General Assessment Tax, Contribution Rates, and Management of Council Lands. The Division’s main task is to assess all tenures under the MDP rating area to be imposed General Assessment Tax and Contribution Rates which are the main revenue for the Council.

In 1992, the Division has been entrusted to issue the General Assessment Tax bills and take enforcement actions on owners who fail to pay their General Assessment Tax. The Division’s duty is also expanding with the enforcement of the Building and Common Property Act (Act 663) in April 2007, whereby the Commissioner of Building (COB) is placed directly under the YDP but is placed in this division. With the increase of personnel, this Division in divided into three units which are the Assessment Tax Management Unit, Property Management unit and Administrations Unit.


  • To determine all the properties in the Pekan District Council area for a reasonable rate of assessment tax.
  • To be fair in terms of valuation for all tax payers
  • To provide a complete and updated valuation list for the purpose of collection of general Assessment Tax in Pekan District Council.
  • To expand the tax collection areas in stages until it covers the entire Pekan District Council area
  • Strive to identify and conduct valuation on residential or building tenures that can earn revenues for Pekan District Council.

Client Charter

  • Enquiries on the General Assessment tax will be answered immediately.
  • Ensure that the General Assessment tax Bills are issued twice (2) annually at no later or on 01 July of the said year.
  • Objections on General Assessment tax will be decided one month after the objection is made.
  • We guarantee good hospitality and are always ready to assist when you file a complaint regarding our services.
  • We promise to provide professional services that covers the following aspects:


1 Update address acquired from a client 1 working day(s)
2 Update Form I and Form J 3 working day(s)
3 All public complaint calls will be entertained immediately Respectful, courteous and friendly
4 Handle and take action on all public complaints on valuation The latest is 2 working days
5 Issue Notice of Tax Assessment Arrears (Notice E) twice a year Before 20 March and 20 September every year
6 Issue Valuation List Amendments Notice within the stipulated No less than 30 days.
7 Deliver Tax Assessment Bills twice a year First week of January and July
8 Issue a Valuation Notice to all clients No less than 42 days from the date of enforcement
9 Conduct inspections on properties applying for lease 10 working days
10 Deliver results of application for remissions 30 working days

Valuation and Property Management Department

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Conduct valuations on all holdings in the Pekan District Council area.
  2.     Convene Re-evaluation and  Valuation List Amendments
  3. Manage and process the transfer of rateable holdings
  4. Conduct Assessment Tax Arrears claim works
  5. Conduct inspections and valuation on government and statutory body properties
  6. Claim Contribution Rates
  7. General Assessment Tax Remissions
  8. Receive and process application for exemption/reduction of Assessment Tax under section 134/135 Act 171
  9. Insure, manage and process insurance claims on properties of Pekan District Council, employees, council members and Public Dependency (Public Liability)
  10. Issue and post General Assessment Tax Bills and Notice E to all property owners in the operational areas of Pekan District Council.
  11. Manage buildings owned by Pekan District Council for leasing and tenants usability purposes.

Valuation and Property Management Department

Types of Services Provided:

  • Objection procedures of Property Assessment Tax
  • Application of Property Assessment Tax exemption
  • Application for Title Transfer (Charge RM10.00 will be charged)
  • Application for Address Change
  • Rental of Pekan District Council Buildings
  • Bus routes and ticket counters
  • Vacant Land
  • Insurance on employees covers:-
  1. Death
  2. Accidents
  3. Permanent Invalidity
  4. Semi-permanent Invalidity
  • Hospitalisation facilities either private or government (Hospital)
  • Public Liability
  • Insure all buildings and building equipments including computers, electrical systems, air conditioners and tools.