The Construction Division is placed under the Planning and Development Division and is headed by a Civil Engineer. It is divided into two units:

  1. Planning Unit - To monitor and process development in the Pekan District Council area.

  2. Development Unit (Technical- Responsible for the planning, implementation and monitoring of Pekan District Council development projects.


Development which is smooth, systematic and practical, which emphasises the safety and comfort of users.


  • To provide competent and professional technical services.

  • To ensure development takes place according to set procedures

  • To upgrade development in the Pekan District Council area to an optimal level

  • To ensure Development and Planning are in alignment.

  • To ensure that development records are constantly updated in a systematic way.


Contact Us:

Development Division
Pekan District Council,
Jalan Mahkota, 26600 Pekan
Tel No. 09-4211 067 / 75