• Evaluate holdings of new property and property amendments Valuation List is proportional to all MDP-charged operating areas.
  • Assess new property holdings of the Federal Government, State Government and Armed Forces throughout the MDP-charged operations.
  • Receive, process, manage all objections and appeals of property owners who are not satisfied with the value of the enforceable rating.
  • Increase and expand tax collection areas in stages according to area and place development.
  • Ensure that all holdings held are always safe and maintain in the computer system and MDP manual system.
  • Supervise current collection and MDP assessment tax arrears.
  • Provision of information, reports, meetings and actions and property monitoring involved under AK 757, 663, 118 and in relation to COB.
  • Ensure that each staged building management works perfectly.
  • To regulate the completion of maintenance and management of buildings as well as joint property undertaken by developers, joint management bodies (JMB) and Management Corporation (MC).
  • To enforce applicable acts, regulations and guidelines.